quarta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2013

Marina Abramović e o erro no processo criativo

"Failure is incredibly important. I put so much attention on failure, because it's so easy with artists doing the work that is repeating, repeating, repeating and you know that if you have a certain amount of success with the public, you are doing these things over and over again and that's so boring. It's really important to look into new territory, to look at things you have never done and things that you are afraid of; things you are not sure of. They are the things that really matter. If you experiment it means you have the possibility to fail and if you fail an experiment it's a really valuable experience. It's much more valuable than just the having success. I think failure is the one of the most important experiences to have as an artist. When I look to see how good an artist is, it's always important for me to see how many times they fail. It's really important that you make a great work of art and then after that you have to make at least three really shitty things."

Marina Abramović em depoimento a Hans Ulrich Obrist, no livro da The Conversation Series.

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