domingo, 19 de agosto de 2007

Freeganistas: a matéria do Observer

"Marks & Spencer's policy - if it is a policy - of leaving open access
to the bins gets a thumbs-up from the freegans. At other supermarkets in this
city they've found the food has had rotten milk, blue dye or even bleach poured
over it. Sainsbury's compact all the waste food before binning it, while Tesco
keep their bins locked until the rubbish trucks come. The freegans had only two
complaints about Marks & Spencer. One is about the grotesque amount of
packaging - virtually nothing is sold loose, it seems. The lunch I cooked did
generate a fully stuffed carrier bag full of plastic and polythene. The other
concerns all the packets of peeled and sliced fruit and veg that turn up in the
bin - 'They do it for lazy lunchtime customers, and it's gone off by evening.
It's very annoying.'"

Bela matéria, senhoras e senhores. Belíssima matéria. Invejável.

Alex Renton mata a pau e inclui até uma relação da política para detritos dos principais supermercados ingleses.

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Odyr disse...

Realmente fabulosa a matéria. Difícil imaginar a idéia vingando no Brasil (e difícil imaginar fazer o que eles fazem), mas eles não podem estar mais certos do que estão,não é?

Jofesino disse...
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